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History of Acupuncture points Visualization System ( AVS )
Firstly I was interested in acupuncture points after finishing Medical Institute in 1975/76. That time I started to use myography for revealing on the skin the electricity produced by muscle contraction (like ECG for heart electrical activity registration). For precise registration of electrical current characteristics I used needles (there are two methods in electro myography: (1) the use of electrodes applied on the skin; (2) the use of needle electrodes inserted into skin (much more informative). Electro myography is a great method for muscular disease diagnostics in neurology and internal medicine (for example, diabetic neuropathy). I decided to register the difference of electrical current in acupuncture points and out of it by means of electro myography . I started to learn acupuncture points. The device showed that in acupuncture points the amplitude of electrical current was much higher. I came to conclusion that through acupuncture points some kind of energy is circulating and acupuncture points on the skin is like electrical rosette on the wall and if you want to have a light from the rosette you should switch on the electrical bulb there.

I also started to believe that it was possible to increase human body stamina by adding "electricity and energy" to that rosette.  I wanted to increase the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy by means of acupuncture points. But I did not think that needles were good for that (adding energy). I was thinking of some kind of energy that will be added par distance, not by contact to skin. Soon I understood that it was not easy to make accurate and precise decision what acupuncture points needed for puncture (electro puncture) and how to find their (the points) location precisely. Soon I also understood that feedback based of symptomatic improvement (reduction of disease signs) were not enough and valid.  I was interested to find a technology for precise location of acupuncture points and precise revealing what point should be used for adding energy.. And I got in touch with different kinds of engineers and other specialists in the field of radio electronics, electromagnetic fields, etc. I was also more or less familiar with Eastern concepts of energy circulation in human organism and I thought that it was possible to amplify considerably the energy by means of resonance phenomenon. I did not know the characteristics of human body energy and so started to use all possible and technically acceptable kinds of static electricity, magnetic and electromagnetic field, etc.

Someday when I was taking off my sweater in dark room before going to bed, I saw the spark of electricity in darkness. I decided that the technology should use darkness for revealing the electricity and the illumination of acupuncture points. I was telling my idea to all people I knew that time and was asking them to start experimenting with different kind of static electricity, magnetic and electromagnetic field in was the beginning.

Micro wave idea started after I saw first time micro wave oven. I was very surprised when I saw that the plate, saucepan, etc. were approximately room temperature while the meat, fish, were  hot. I understood that micro wave had great propensity to give energy to biological tissues. It was acting par distance and it was accumulating in biological tissues (human body is also biological tissue). I decided that micro wave was the best candidate for the technology.

Everything has started since 1976/80 and has had long evolution so it is difficult to point any concrete time for the development of the system. Besides, the system is in constant development, improvement polishing.. Different people took part in the development of the system, but their contribution was quite different.  Some people had argue with me and I consider it their contribution, Others gave me piece of advice and then have forgotten about the idea, but the main contributor was Galust Abrahamyan (he died some years ago) who was medical doctor and at the same time had lots of knowledge in electronics..

When you contact with many scientists there is inevitable circulation of ideas and sometimes you tell your idea to hear the opinion of other people. If they support your idea it is a great motivation for research continuation.

The merit of Acupuncture Visualization system
Acupuncture points visualization technology has been used for diagnostics for many years and the number of patients has been thousands. Acupuncture points visualization technology shows all problems in organism regarding energy circulation. Absolute health means normal energy circulation, This or that disease starts from abnormal energy circulation. Acupuncture points visualization technology gives an opportunity to diagnose diseases in their very beginning and it also gives an opportunity to diagnose pathologies that have not had no pathological names or have not yet have been explained and defined. Acupuncture points visualization technology diagnostics does not correspond to Western Medicine diagnostic notions. Western Medicine diagnostics is determined by our understanding of diseases and our theories regarding the cause, of development and essence of this or that disease, In other words, it is a product of our abstract thinking and may be erratic and erroneous. Acupuncture points visualization technology demonstrates energy circulation quite objective, independent upon human subjectivity and thinking. In general, using acupuncture points visualization technology, there is no need to know precisely the name of the disease or the mechanism of its development, etc., The main goal is to restore the normal balance of energy circulation. In many patients it was impossible to diagnose the disease precisely (nothing explained in medical literature was like the patients' diseases) and, frankly, there was no need for diagnostics because after energy circulation normalization the symptoms and problems were disappearing.

There is no any disease without abnormal energy circulation. Energy circulation disturbance is the base of any disease. It means that acupuncture points visualization technology is possible to reveal all possible diseases. Acupuncture points visualization technology is able to give extremely precise information for micro wave therapy with the purpose to restore in more or less extend normal energy circulation. In cases of successful energy circulation restore a patient gets rid of disease, If the restore is partial, the disease becomes mitigated and less severe. Not all cases may be successfully treated by micro wave therapy. For example, after removing of gallbladder there is abnormal circulation of energy in its meridian, but micro wave cannot restore normal circulation because of anatomic absence of the organ; in case of gallstones when the gallbladder is full of stones micro wave also is not able to restore the energy circulation because of the presence of stones; after surgical or laparoscopic removal of uterus micro wave therapy also can not restore the energy circulation, etc. Acupuncture point visualization technology gives precise information for micro wave irradiation of the points with the purpose to restore the balance and normal circulation of energy through the meridians..

Diagnosis and treatment of metastasis by AVS
CT or MRI reveals metastases when they become an anatomy (tissue) structure (even of small size) while acupuncture visualization method shows malignant transformation that take place before formation of metastases. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is the PET-CT hybrid, which consists of two scanning machines: PET scanner and an x-ray Computed Tomography (CT).  In fact, PET-CT has the capability to evaluate diseases through a simultaneous functional and morphostructural analysis. PET may reveal small metastases in their very beginning when significant metabolic changes take place in limited number of cells. PET has no prognostic value, it shows available changes in real time while acupuncture visualization method gives information regarding future for 2 years. The method shows cancer 1-2 years before its diagnostics by CT and MRI ( we had such patients: after our prognosis regarding cancer they performed CT and MRI and were told that everything was OK, but after some while cancer developed accordingly to our prognoses). So, if even today PET shown no cancer, it is not excluded that tomorrow it will not develop cancer.@

Usually, acupuncture points are twinkling as little stars, but sometimes 1 or 2 points may stop twinkling and become brighter which mean the stagnation of energy at those points. This brighter change of points mean the destruction of skin, chronic inflammation ,contraction of skin or scar.

If there are 3 bright points shinning located near each other it is highly probable there may be cancer cells in active. Needless to say, cancer cells start from chronic inflammation, contraction of skin and scar of skin and blight shinning points start from 1 or 2 points and finally become 3 in final. Observation by AVS about this process of development of shinning points  from 1 or 2 to 3, this means AVS can inspect about the very early stage of start of cancer cells. In a certain case, 3 close points may stop twinkling and become blight, this case is highly possible cancer cells started to grow on healthy structure (it is possible a cancer cell starts to form a metastasis).

As a matter of facts, there are many variations. According to our study comparing patients of apparent cancer symptoms with AVS results, it was confirmed the diagnosis by AVS as very reliable diagnostic technique. Further it was additionally confirmed that the irradiation of micro wave to this shinning points could scatter energy which was concentrated to cancer cells and made disappear cancer cells. As AVS could be use as a strong treatment method of cancers, we set up a strategy to combine AVS and NCT as the strongest weapon to destroy cancer cells.
There is a general rule regarding cancer: the more time after manifestation, the more per cent of patient has metastases. If a patient had metastases from the beginning and near future promises new and, as a rule, multiple metastases. It is desirable to get treatment by NCT at our clinic.


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