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*Innovative Eye Drops

This eye drop was developed by gElubounih which is one of most advanced medical research centers in Armenia. The main target of development was the treatment of cataract of which white snow could be disappeared by using this eye drops

*Confirmed .the effect to eliminate white snow in case of cataract in early stage.
*Not only cataract it is effective for glaucoma and macular degeneration.
*Protective effects for aging and risk on profession.
*Confirmed effects for domestic animals such as dogs and cats.
*One drop of eye drops once a day is enough for keeping efficacy.
*The group of Dr.Hayk Minasyan(Medical director of American-Armenian Health Development Center at present) developed at Elubouni medical research center.
*The target of development was to cure cataract by eye drops.
*The efficacy for glaucoma and macular degeneration was confirmed through clinical trials.

*Effective for cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration

The number of cataract patients in Japan is reported as 1.29million ( In 2005, Ministry of Health and Labor of Japan ). 25% of population over 65 years old and 50% of over 80 years old are estimated to suffer deterioration of eye sight caused by cataract( National Eye Institute, 1998 ).
The number of operation for cataract in Japan is about 900,000.
The 43% of patients who received treatment in USA is for cataract. 30~50% of patients who received operation for cataract is reported to have had aftereffects and received operation again.
The number of operation for cataract is reported as 1.35 million in USA (1998 ).
The number of glaucoma patients is 300,000 and dormant glaucoma patients are estimated as 4 million.
The number of macular degeneration during 65 years old and 75 years old 10% is estimated and in case of over 75 years old 30% is estimated.
In the world, 5 to 10 million people became blind every year. Cheaper medication like eye drops is anticipated rather than expensive operation.

*Result of clinical trial of new eye drops

A double blinded clinical trial was conducted during Autumn 2006 to Spring 2007 at Yerevan National Eye Center (In charge; Dr.Seiranyan ).
At random, 612 cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration patients
were selected and treated by new eye drops, conventional eye drops and placebo eye drops for 2 months and compared efficacies.
The efficacy of conventional eye drops for cataract were 20.0 % and 15.9%, while  the efficacy of new eye drops for cataract was 78.8%.
The efficacy of new eye drops for glaucoma was 47.2%, the efficacy for diabetic retinopathy was 93.9%, the efficacy for macular degeneration was 74%.

–The efficacy of new eye drops for cataract, diabetic retinopatht and macular degeration

–The efficacy of new eye drops for dogs was also confirmed

29 cataract dogs (48 eyes) were treated was treated being given one drop of new eye drops every day. As comparison, 15 cataract dogs (24 eyes) were given one drop of placebo every day. 10 cataract dogs (8 eyes) were not treated. Eyes of all dogs were checked by slit beam system every 2 months and evaluated. After 4 months since the start of clinical test, all eyes of dogs were checked by slit beam system and evaluated. In case of new eye drops treated dogs, 45 eyes out of 48 eyes showed remarkable improvement (93.7%). Cataract was improved and in some cases, white cloud disappeared. In case of placebo and no treatment dogs, eyes were deteriorated.

–We are looking for a firm who could produce and sell our new eye drops to global market under licensing agreement with us.

American-Armenian Health Development Center is looking for a firm who can produce and sell new eye drops under licensing agreement to global market. Any company is invited to make contact with us directly or through our agent.



White Snow of Cataract could be didappered
in early stage of this illness

Can keep efficacy by one drop a day

New Eye Drops contribute to keep

New Eye Drops is effective
for cataract of animals