This clinic was established as the excellent result of joint research for stem cells therapy between USA and Armenia. Further, joint research among Germany, Russia and Armenia for an epoch-making cancer therapy.

Message by Prof.Hayk Minasyan, M.D.,Ph.D.,D.Sci
Medical Director of American-Armenian Health Development Center

*Purpose of our clinic
Human beings during all their history have been suffering from different kinds of diseases. These diseases have been replacing each other. In the past the most prevalent diseases were infectious diseases, now they are partially replaced by degenerative and age related diseases and the majority of them are chronic and not curable. In he past centuries the plaque, cholera, leprosy, tuberculosis, other acute and chronic infectious diseases were the main killers of people. On the other hand, the people who have strong enough immune system were overcoming these diseases and were surviving by means of natural spontaneous recovery. At present there are some deadly and potentially deadly infectious diseases as well (AIDS, hepatitis B ad C, etc.), but prevalent killers now are degenerative diseases, that have no natural course of spontaneous recovery. Cancer, Alzheimerfs disease, Parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, heart coronary disease, general atherosclerosis and other degenerative and age-related diseases are never cured by the nature and the time per se, they have progressive step by step course, debilitating and killing people.
Our main goal is developing and practical application of innovative technologies for  the treatment of incurable degenerative and age-related diseases of the present time.
We have started our research since 1980. First we were developing intravenous cocktails for dissolving of atherosclerotic plaques in patients with general atherosclerosis. General atherosclerosis causes heart coronary disease, obliteration of brain and other vital organsf arteries, peripheral vessels of extremities, etc. Modern Medicine can fight atherosclerosis only by means of stent placing and by-pass surgery of narrowed arteries, but these methods have their limitations and cannot be performed in case of presence of the plaques in many vessels or if the vessels are located in the deep structures of the body, for example, limbic system of the brain, etc.  Our cocktails are very effective alternative to heart surgery and heart stent placing. The practice of the cocktails using also showed, that they can re-juvenate people for some extent. It is known, that aging is dependent upon the hardening and narrowing the arteries, so, artery plaque dissolving and restoring of  artery elasticity provide significant  re-juvenation  in humans.

* Stem Cells Therapy
Since 1996 we have started our research in organsf transplantology  and Stem Cell (SC) use in treatment of incurable diseases. First we were cultivating beta-cells of pancreas for their transplantation to patients with diabetes mellitus. Our first results were encouraging, our patients with diabetes mellitus and everyday injections of insulin were able to give up insulin injection for one-two years, but then transplanted cells were becoming exhausted and as a result  the patients needed to have transplantation of beta-cells again.
The second transplantation as a rule was less effective because more antibodies against transplanted cells were secreting. We came to the conclusion that beta-cell transplantation was not appropriate for long time using. We considered that SCs were more promising and accelerated our research in the SC field.

We started by using fetal SCs  and umbilical blood SCs. Fetal SCs extracted from brain and other parts of nervous system of fetus demonstrated  extremely high efficacy in the treatment of parkinsonism, Alzheimerfs disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, head trauma, other degenerative, traumatic and autoimmune diseases of nervous system. But taking into account moral aspects of  fetal SC using we began to look for more acceptable (from moral point of view) sources of SC. We came to conclusion that  two other sources are suitable and started two new technologies:

(1) cultivation of SCs from female egg discarded during extra corporal fertilization;
(2) separation and multiplication of  SCs separated from fat tissue.

The use of SCs from fat tissue and from female egg demonstrated high efficacy in the same diseases as fetal SCs. The use of SCs from fat tissue and from female egg also demonstrated high potential in re-juvenation therapy. Since then the re-juvenation by means of  SC is in our arsenal of medical services to our patients.

*New Cancer Therapy
Cancer research and treatment has been another direction of our research. We found that cancer cells avidly accumulate and use all available in organism nutrients for their growth.
They take these nutrients also from healthy cells and as a result the latter are in deep nutrient deficit. All nutrients that enter to organism with food also are totally used by cancer cells for their metabolism and growth. These nutrients include hydrocarbons (glucose), proteins, fat and numerous other growth factors: vitamins, minerals, peptides, hormones, etc. 
We revealed that the most used and necessary for growth vitamin is vitamin.B12. Cancer cells use organismfs all vitamin B.12  and as a result many cancer patients suffer from B12-deficit anemia. Injections of B12 do not correct anemia, because all injected B12 is used by cancer cells for acceleration of their growth. The main structural component of B12 is cobalt and cancer cells are programmed to absorb cobalt.

Taking into account this important phenomenon, we started our experiments with radio active cobalt, used as per oral powder and intra muscular injections. We have revealed that cancer cells accumulate low radioactive cobalt and after irradiation by cobalt their growth stops. The radiation of low radioactive cobalt does not affect healthy cells because it is low and its action spreads only till the outer membrane of a cancer cell. We also found that the accumulation of radioactive cobalt in cancer cells increases when we mix radioactive cobalt and v.B12 together. The final mode of use of low radioactive cobalt is per oral administration of low radioactive cobalt + injection of B12 . But this approach is rational in case of absolute deficit of B12 in organism. If the condition of a patients is stabile and there is no significant B12 deficit and anemia, the powder of radioactive cobalt may be used without B12 injections. After that we studied also some other essential nutrients for cancer cells and found three more essential factors for cancel cell growth. Using the same pattern as for vitamin B12, we developed a treatment called gNew Cancer Treatmenth ? NCT. After practicing NCT we have come to conclusion that in some cases it is reasonable to gfreezeh cancer tissue instead of killing the cells. Destroying the tumor we should be confident that patientfs organism, especially liver and kidney, are able to eliminate the toxins and remnants of killed cancer cells.  So, we have developed our own tactics and strategy regarding treatment of cancer taking into account the stage of cancer and the condition of patient.

Other direction of our research is re-juvenation. We have found that SCs are quite effective for re-juvenation, but in condition that in patients organism they have all necessary substances for nutrition and growth. It is true for all kinds of SCs. For example, SCs in fat tissue are dormant and after their separation they should be stimulated for multiplication and starting functional activity. SCs from female eggs before injection to patient should be cultivated in special media and they have excess of nutrients and growth factors in media. So, if stem cells separated from fat are injected to organism without stimulation, they may continue to be dormant in new host as well. So they should be stimulated, but it is not enough. They should have enough nutrients and growth factors in new host.

The same is true for SCs from female eggs ? they should have enough nutrients and growth factors in new hosts. New host does not provide all necessary factors for injected SCs and so the organism of the host should be prepared for being an appropriate media for injected SCs. We have developed a gknow howh for providing for SCs a friendly media in new host.
Our practice confirmed, that without adequate preparing of patientfs organism to injection of SCs the effectiveness of the latter is low. Our preparation of patientfs organism includes intra muscular and  under skin injections of well balanced nutrients, vitamins and growth factors for SCs.

*New Eye Drops
Other direction of our research are eye drops for treatment of cataract, diabetic retinopathy and, in less extend, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Double blind randomized  placebo controlled trial showed that the drops are effective in patients with cataract, diabetic retinopathy and in some cases of glaucoma and macular degeneration.

At present we provide the next medical services:
Re-juvenation treatment
Cancer treatment
Treatment of some incurable diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinsonism, stroke, etc.) by means of SCs.
Treatment of cataract and diabetic retinopathy by means of our original eye drops

We would like to advice you not to give up to cure your difficult to cure diseases. We have achieved positive results in the treatment of ALS and Alzheimer by means of stem cells therapy.

In Armenia, all cancer patients are advised to be treated at National Cancer Center. However many patients who were sentenced as hopeless came to our clinic and succeeded in treatment of cancer by our NCT. We are always trying to improve our NCT and confident in success in very near future to conquer cancers.n this sense, donft hesitate to make contact with us directly or agent in foreign countries.

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Selection of stem cells

Stem cells

New cancer therapy is also effective for
metastasis and recurrence cancer

Construction of vitamin B12 with
radio active cobalt which destroy
cancers from inside

Possible to get younger 10 to 20 years old

Our eye drops is also effective
for cataract of dogs

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