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*New Cancer Treatment ( NCT )
NCT is an innovative new cancer therapy which was developed under collaboration among 3 research centers in Armenia, Germany and Russia.  It is innovative because its main function was developed based on the analysis of basic metabolism of cancer cells making it possible to treat and cure recurrent cancers and metastatic cancers which are difficult to cure by conventional cancer therapies. The main part of NCT is Vitamin B12 with radioactive cobalt and several other components which were found effective for the treatment of cancers.

*Why B12 is essential for the treatment of cancers
We found that cancer cells avidly accumulate and use all available in organism nutrients for their growth. They take these nutrients also from healthy cells and as a result the latter are in deep nutrient deficit. All nutrients that enter to organism with food also are totally used by cancer cells for their metabolism and growth. These nutrients include hydrocarbons (glucose), proteins, fat and numerous other growth factors: vitamins, minerals, peptides, hormones, etc.  We revealed that the most used and necessary for growth vitamin is v.B12. Cancer cells use organism’s all vitamin B.12  and as a result many cancer patients suffer from B12-deficit anemia. Injections of B12 do not correct anemia, because all injected B12 is used by cancer cells for acceleration of their growth. The main structural component of B12 is cobalt and cancer cells are programmed to absorb cobalt. Taking into account this important phenomenon, we started our experiments with radio active cobalt, used as per oral powder and intra muscular injections. We have revealed that cancer cells accumulate low radioactive cobalt and after irradiation by cobalt their growth stops. The radiation of low radioactive cobalt does not affect healthy cells because it is low and its action spreads only till the outer membrane of a cancer cell. We also found that the accumulation of radioactive cobalt in cancer cells increases when we mix radioactive cobalt and v.B12 together. The final mode of use of low radioactive cobalt is per oral administration of low radioactive cobalt + injection of B12 . But this approach is rational in case of absolute deficit of B12 in organism. If the condition of a patients is stabile and there is no significant B12 deficit and anemia, the powder of radioactive cobalt may be used without B12 injections. After that we studied also some other essential nutrients for cancer cells and found three more essential factors for cancel cell growth. Using the same pattern as for vitamin B12, we developed a treatment called “New Cancer Treatment” – NCT. After practicing NCT we have come to conclusion that in some cases it is reasonable to “freeze” cancer tissue instead of killing the cells. Destroying the tumor we should be confident that patient’s organism, especially liver and kidney, are able to eliminate the toxins and remnants of killed cancer cells.  So, we have developed our own tactics and strategy regarding treatment of cancer taking into account the stage

*Vitamin B12 with radioactive cobalt therapy
Cobalt is the main part (co-enzyme) of Vitamin B12. The metal cobalt in Vitamin B12 is coordinated with a tetrapyrrole ring.
Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin and  Vitamin B12 is indispensable for the growth of any cell.  B12 is needed to make DNA, the genetic material in all cells and cancer cell grows very fast and so it needs huge amount of Vitamin B12(100 times more than normal cells).
Cancer cells absorb all Vitamin B12 and causes its deficit in healthy cells.

Taking Vitamin B12 by a patient stimulates cancer cells growth without mitigating B12 deficits in healthy cells. Cancer cells cannot differentiate low radioactive cobalts and Vitamin B12 each from other because Vitamin B12 contains cobalt inside of Vitamin B12 tetrapyrrole ring.
Cancer cells accumulate low radiation cobalt instead of Vitamin B12 and the radioactive cobalts stop cancer cell growth.
Low radiation cobalt does not affect healthy cells because its radioactive effect is confined by the inner space of cancer cells.
Cancer cells accumulate radioactive cobalt by mistake detecting the latter as cobalt in Vitamin B12. of cancer and the condition of patient.
Low radiation cobalt is effective especially in case of small cancer tumors and single or multiple metastases of small size.
During administration of low radiation cobalt patient should follow special diet otherwise the medication will not be absorbed by cancer cells and will be excreted by them rapidly.

*Administration of Vitamin B12 with radioactive cobalt therapy
The medication is taken orally as a powder.
One powder a day is the necessary dose.
Low radiation cobalt therapy has no side effects.
Low radiation cobalt may be taken with juice.
For better absorption a special diet should be kept.
Schedule of the treatments is determined by the case.
In some cases long term therapy is needed.

NCT is very effective and safe treatment, but the patient should not be in terminal stage of disease.  NCT is like a fire crew - it can extinguish fire but can do nothing with ash.  A patient in advanced stage is actually dead, he lives by inertia and nothing can save him/her - all healthy cells are in parabiotic condition because of cancer + chemotherapy + radiation therapy. Surely, the patient should come to Armenia while it is not too late, at least he/she should be able to walk, eat. etc. by him/herself and tolerate the distance (air fly) patient’s country-Armenia and back. If a patient is full of metastases and his vital organs and system are totally exhausted, nothing will save such patient.

The power of modern oncology ends when even one small metastasis develops. Official Medicine can cure cancer when it is possible to remove entirely the primary tumor and there are no metastasis ( in such cases radiation therapy and chemotherapy usually are added to surgery or "prevention of metastasis" but really they cannot do that).  As soon as the first tiny metastasis develops somewhere in the body it means that further treatment (radiation therapy + chemotherapy) will only more or less prolong the patient's life.  

Radiation therapy + chemotherapy also are used as a palliative treatment for slowing down cancer development when cancer is inoperable.. So, even only one tiny metastasis means that in all other places also the "seeds of cancer" available and soon they start grow. So the word "metastasis" actually means incurable advanced cancer.  So the border between life and death is this word: metastasis.

The greatest advantage of NCT is that it can cure cancer with metastases (if the speed of cancer tissue growth is not more than the speed of accumulation of VitaminB12 with radioactive cobalt and cadmium in that tissue.

f there is too much summary mass of cancer tissue and radioactive cobalt has no enough time to be accumulated in all cells and stop them, as same as anti cancer vaccine, in case of too many cancer cells and patient's immune system has no enough time (after radiation and chemotherapy also strength) to destroy them all. We prefer the strategy to make sleep cancer cells.

Main difference between NCT and modern oncological treatment is the followings.
1)     The presence of metastasis means that official oncology can offer palliative treatment only..
2)     NCT gives chance for complete cure and recovery (in condition that metastasis have no high speed of growth and have no big summary mass).
Another condition of NCT complete cure is the condition of vital functions of organism of patients. If they have failed the patient dies from that failure, not by cancer. Unfortunately, in Armenia when a patient comes to my clinic after chemotherapy and radiation therapy,
NCT is offered as palliative treatment only for patients( for life prolongation). However, NCT as a palliative treatment is much more effective and safe compared with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Because, NCT does not destroy patient's organism.

Our successful cases of cancer complete cure have taken place in patients with relatively small primary tumors or small metastases after primary tumor removal.
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy significantly decrease NCT effectiveness. It is difficult to offer you an universal check sheet for cancer patients, but you know the main cornerstones of that check: is the history of chemotherapy and radiation therapy are bad, many metastasis are bad, general health condition is important, fast growing tumor is bad...The worst cancers are melanoma, pancreatic cancer, some kinds of lung cancer...

NCT is most effective in breast cancer, prostatic cancer, colon cancer...
The problem is that cancers are quite different in their speed of growth and, for example, lung cancer may grow with quite different speeds depending upon the maturity (malignancy) of cancer cells.  So, detailed information regarding microscopical type of cancer is crucial as well.

*Clinical cases of NCT

Patient J., a man 59 years old with malignant tumor  (size: 7,4  cm) in urine
bladder had continuous bleeding with the presence of blood in urine (bloody
urine) and anemia. The presence of such big tumor in urine bladder caused
problems with urination, frequent urination with small amount of bloody urine.
The tumor was not removed surgically because the patient has had severe diabetes
mellitus, hypertension, obesity and coronary artery disease. For the same reason
he did not receive chemotherapy. After 2 months of  NCT the tumor has
disappeared completely.

Patient K, a woman 52 years old with ovarial cancer and many small metastases
to liver and lungs, loss of weight and appetite and accumulation of fluid in
peritoneal cavity
The surgeons found it useless to remove the tumors because they were numerous
and small.  After 3 months of NCT the main tumor and metastases have
disappeared, the patient started to gain her previous weight, the fluid in
peritoneal cavity  has disappeared.

Patient D., 47 years old woman with a tumor 3,1 x 2,8 cm in deep structures of
brain and lots of  neurological symptoms. The tumor was not removed surgically
because the technical difficulties in the access to the tumor , chemotherapy and
x-ray therapy were not performed because of preliminary considerations regarding
the resistance of the tumor toward chemotherapy and x-rays. After 3 months of
NCT the tumor has disappeared, the symptoms has gone away and the patient
feels himself practically healthy.






Develpment of cancer

Construction of B12 with radio
active cobalt

Very easy to take NCT

NCT is very effective for
metastasis and recurance