*Stem cells therapy is the only way which can rejuvenate you on cells level.
Aging is inevitable and even the most powerful people in the world grow old. And rejuvenation has been the dream of human beings and many Emperors and Kings on history ordered their scientists to explore special solutions to make them young again and immortal like Gods.

Stem cell therapy is the only real anti-aging therapy today. It can rejuvenate human organism on cells level and by using stem cells in proportion of 3-12 (inner organs) to 1 (appearance).
If the more internal organs are affected, the more stem cells are used for their repair and less stem cells are used for rejuvenation of the appearance.

Plastic surgery and other methods of rejuvenation sometimes are detrimental for general health. Plastic surgery is associated with soft tissue trauma and the necessity to use anesthesia that may cause problems in general health. Stem cell therapy is the only method that can rejuvenate people inside and outside simultaneously.

People are willing to spend big money on treatments to improve their appearances. From time to time people compare their last and present photos and are upset regarding the negative change in their appearance. They often do not take into account that the same process occurs inside  of  them.

From the point of common sense people should be more interested in prolonging their life spans  versus improvement of their appearance. In reality many people prefer to improve their appearance even if it may damage their health and shorten their life span. Fortunately, stem cells therapy does not offer such dilemma to people – it rejuvenates both appearance and inner organs.

*What is the practical way of stem cells therapy at our clinic.
We can rejuvenate your organism by means of stem cells derived from the following different sources:
1)     Stem cells from female egg
2)     Stem cells from your own fat tissue
3)     Stem cells from your own peripheral blood
4)     Stem cells from umbilical blood
5)     Stem cells from fetus

Practically, at present we recommend stem cellls from female egg or your own fat tissue because of effectiveness and number of cases we experienced.

*Our special know-how about stem cells therapy
We have a unique technology for preparing your organism for providing stem cells the best conditions for survival, multiplication, transformation and performing their physiological repairing and rejuvenating functions in your organism. This is our special know-how which made it possible universal application of SCs not only for the treatment of incurable diseases but also for rejuvenation which has been the long dream of human beings.

Stem cell after cultivation in artificial media where there were provided with all nutrients, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, etc. have the same demands in your body, so you should be injected all ingredients indispensable for survival and appropriate activity of injected in you stem cells. So your body should be enriched with all nutrients, vitamins, minerals, growth factors and other substances that are needed for stem cells functioning.

Aging develops because of organism’s cells aging and depletion of stem cells. Supplying organism with stem cells can slow down aging and significantly increase life span.

Every patient has his/her own program of preparing to stem cell reception.
The program depends upon the number of stem cells that should be injected, patient’s age, gender, general health and available diseases.
Stem cell treatment program can be tailored for 7-25 days course

The majority of injected stem cells is used by human body for repairing damaged tissues andorgans, the rest number of cells is used for rejuvenation.

Stem cells provide healthier complexion, better appetite, tireless body, more stamina, more sexual drive, longer and harder erection in case of male etc and, what is the most important thing  - longer healthier life and better functionality in all respects

Stem Cell therapy first rejuvenate your inner organs and systems that are critical for your survival (brain, heart, lungs, kidney, liver, glands, immune system) and then your face and appearance.

Many people think that that the main think in rejuvenation is wrinkle removal, but really wrinklesdo not influence your life span and survival and so SCs do not use their all potential for wrinkle removal. If you need also great change in your appearance and wrinkle removal, we can offer you simultaneously with SC therapy some direct injections of SCs into your face skin and other procedures for local rejuvenation of your face and skin.

Gravity and sagging skin aren’t the only roadblocks to a perpetually youthful face. Aging facial bones may be just as guilty of the telltale signs of advancing years, This “dramatic” aging of facial bones also happens at a significantly younger age for women than men.
As the skin sags, the bony framework underneath the skin deteriorates as well, contributing to the development of new folds, creases, wrinkles, droops and valleys.
Crow’s-feet, drooping brows, sagging facial folds—it’s not just skin deep. Look at yourself in the mirror. It isn't just the soft stuff that is aging and thinning. Your facial bones are decaying while you are alive.

Skin rejuvenation is not sufficient to rejuvenate appearances.       
If plastic surgeons attempting facial rejuvenation are only considering skin changes, it’s not enough. Skin tightening, collagen and fat injections, Botox injections, don’t take into account changes to the bones

Stem cells re-juvenate human inner organs, but they cannot rapidly change and re-construct human face bones and soft tissues.
On the other hand, today’s single-dimensional approach to facial rejuvenation may explain the sometimes-negative results of plastic surgery to the face that can result in odd, distorted looks.

Women experience facial bone aging sooner than men
Women experience aging between young and middle age, and the men between middle age and old.
Specific changes to different bony structures in the face correlate with the various well-known visible changes to the face due to aging.

Changes to the orbital aperture, or bony area around the eye, for example, could account for crow’s-feet and the drooping of the skin above the eye. Aging bones in the cheeks could be part of the cause of the deepening of the creases between the lips and the nose and could cause the fat pad in the cheeks to sag and become more prominent. Much of these changes may be due to decreasing bone support.
Dramatic change in morphology and shape of the bones as well as a general shrinkage can't turn back the clock of aging much

The earlier aging of facial bones in women than men parallels the earlier aging of skin in women than in men. Women live longer than men on average. In more essential parts of the body men wear out more rapidly than women do. Since women lose fertility sooner than men they also lose the need to look physically attractive sooner than men lose that need.

The aging process also reduces muscle mass and increases fat. So full rejuvenation of appearances will require rejuvenation of skin, collagen, cartilage chondrocyte cells, bone osteoblasts, muscles, capillaries, and likely other cell types and structures as well.

Sometimes aging process does not increase fat, but decreases muscle and makes such people  look ill. Young men and women may gain big muscles and strength and may build their body (shape and muscles)

Q&A ; Rejuvenation and long life.
Q-Rejuvenation for men and women..What feeling will it give to men and women?

A-1 Men can feel very clear feeling to get younger. More stamina, more sex drive, more hard erection and keeping erection. ED will disappear completely.
She will be feeling younger, much more active, the stamina, sexuality , life desire and interest will increase, the memory will improve…in other words everything we associate with aging and senility will be mitigating…some internal diseases will be cured, life span may increase…Depending upon the health condition the expectations of SC therapy may be different.

Q-2 Can we expect to live forever by the treatment of SCs?

A-2 SCs can realize real rejuvenation which has been the long dream of human beings. According to our practical treatments at our clinic people were rejuvenated about from 10 to 20 years depending on physical conditions before treatments. However it becomes a different story that if we can live forever by the repetition of SCs.
There are many theories about aging. One of most popular theory is “telomerase theory of aging”. Firstly discovered by a group of scientists at the Geron Corporation in Menlo Park, California. Telomeres are sequence of nucleic acids extending from the end of chromosomes. Every time our cells divide telomeres are shortened, leading to cellular damage and cellular death associated with aging. Scientists discovered the key element to rebuild telomeres “enzyme telomerase” in germ cells and cancer cells. It may become possible in future to repair telomeres and manipulate clocking mechanism that controls the life span of cells.
At present, we are obliged to be satisfied with rejuvenation by stem cells therapy.


Possible to take back the best
time of life by stem cells therapy

Stem cells therapy rejuvenate
both appearance and inner organs


Highest level of technology
and know-how are needed

Before(left) and after
(right) stem cells theray

Before(right) and after(left)

Stem cells therapy realize
a time travel to 10-20 years ago

You can take back sexy body again

Real re-juvenation has been
the long dream of human beings
Now, it became possible by the
development of stem cells therapy

Feeling of get younger
is very clearly felt by men

Dream came true also for women
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