My name is Noel.
Formal name is "Kencherry's Gracious Noel", a female Sheltland Sheepdog..
Color is Blue Merle.
My father is Dick and my mother is Lady,
both are pure Sheltland Sheepdogs.
I was borne on June30, 1998 with my
sister Monika.

Now I live with my father and sister in the
suburbs of Tokyo.

July30, 1998
I was borne in the morning of July30,1998 as the second baby of mother dog lady. First baby did not survived. As I came out to this world 3 days earier than schedule, weght was only 120g. I was almost died 3 times within 24 hours after birth.

My father Dick
Formal name is "Kencherry's Jupiter kazanova Dick"
Born February1, 1994
Color is Blue Merle
He is very clever and can calculate
up to 2 +3.
My sister Monika
Formal name is "Kencherry's Marverous Monika"
Color is Black, White and Tan.
Born on July30, 1998
Very charming and shy.
until 2 yesrs old
Left hand side white baby is me and right hand side black one is my sister Monika.
Weight was 630g
One of my best pictures on

Weight bacame 1200g
Started to eat baby food.

September10, 1998
Mother dog, Lady returned home
3 days ago, but I did not feel lonely
because I can play with my sister and my father stay and protect us.

Weight became 1600g. Growing very quickly and steady.
September26, 1998
Just after the first vaccination at a dog's clinic.
My weght reached 2700g a little bit heavier than my sister.
Monika's(right hand side) wegh
t was 2650g.
October24, 1998
I finished the second vaccination
and was allowed to get outside of
house and feel very exicited.
The back yard of house became a good playground for us.
My weight became 6000g.
November21, 1998
I finished the final vaccination and possible to go out to the nearest park with my father.
Everything is exiting and I feel very happy except the plan Monika may leave my family.
I feel very happy because the idea that Monika may go to the other place was totally cancelled.
Now we can enjoy playing in the park
My weight: 9.8kg
I like to play with a flispy disc and a ball. Monika don't like flispy disc but play with a ball. We are sisters with different characters.
My weght reached 11.8kg
May15, 1999
I went on a trip for the first time of my life. I went with my father and sister to Mt.Yatsugatake.
It was a wonderful experience and I like to go again.
Many people say I am a very beautiful female dog.
July 30, 2000
I became 2 years old.
As my father, Dick is a very gentle dog, I am almost number one in our family.

My master's wife made cakes celebrating my birth day and presented to my friends in the park.
March 30, 2002
I am still beautiful keeping No.1 position in our family.
When I can catch a beautful shot of a flispy disc, Dick and Monika
bark joyfully, because we can get biscuits.

Noel catches disc Monika runs with a ball
Recent catch by Noel Cherry blossom view on March30,2002