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Organization Short Description
Laser World Plentiful information about Low Power Laser Therapy. This site is sponsored by The Swedish Laser-Medical Society, SLMS
ASIACO is an Asia Search Engine and Asia portal. With over 30 Asian countries' website hosted within, the web site is the best resource to search for Asia related information.
Medical21 A search engine of hospitals and clinics which practice laser therapy in Japan. Up to date information about advanced laser therapy technics for doctors.
Haruki Clinic A web site of the president of Japan LPL Therapy Promotion Association.
Green Medical Systems The secretary-general of Japan LPL Therapy Promotion Association introduces various kinds of laser therapy instruments and other advanced medical systems.
RianCorp Manufacturer of portable type low power laser instruments in Australia. In USA and Japan, the animal use is approved by governments. In Australia and Eulope, human use is approved.
HikariBellcom Manufacturer of ORP meter and gonio meter which are useful
to check the deoxidization level of water and the progress of rehabilitation at hospitals.
ELMA Europinan Medical Laser Association which organizes Laser Florence 2001 which is going to be held on November 7-11th, 2001 in Florence Italy.
Laser Florence 2001 Laser Florence is an international meeting held annually in Florence, Italy since 1997. This next meeting will be held on November 7-11, 2001.This year a trade fair together with medical congress will show the state of Laser technology.
Ikarashi Pediatrics Clinic Pediatrics clinic located in Niigata. Specialized in the treatment of allergic diseases such as asthma and atopic dermatitis. Very popular as the special clinic adopting laser therapy for children's  atopic dermatitis.
Indian Institute of Laser Medicine Laser center for treatment and beauty located in Pune India. Established by Dr. Prakash Katariya who believes in holistic approach such as Yoga, Naturopathy and acupuncture.
International Academy of Light Medicine Medical school on internet to teach Laser Therapy represented by Professor Ramdawon. Well known as the treatment of diabetes using magnetic field and infrared laser.

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