Strongly impressed Low Power Laser business declined in Japan !

At the Tokyo Forum of Yurakucho Tokyo, .on June 28(Sat.) and 29(Sun), 2008, the 20th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Laser Medicine was held. I had a chance to attend the first day of programs.  20 years ago in Japan, at the time when Low Power Laser Therapy was formally approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and went into full-scale spread.  For the companies concerned with manufacture and sales of Low Power Laser Therapy machines, the annual meeting was a big event with the exhibition of more than 10 companiesf machines and  had  been enlivened with many visitors in the exhibition corner. However this year, it became only T company of an infrared medical treatment machine, and only M company of Low Power Laser Therapy machine were exhibited making the exhibition corner very lonely. As to the presentation by conference members, most of them were the announcement of use experience of the new style Laser Therapy machine of M company and the medical treatment experience announcement of the medical treatment machine of T company.

 In contrast, it was noticeable there were many presentation about the mechanism elucidation of the laser medical treatment effects. No less than four subjects had educational lectures, and there was the excellent presentation by Dr. Abiko, the professor of Nihon University Matsudo Department-of-Dentistry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, entitled   "A mechanism elucidation of the biological effect of the optical irradiation by functional genome science application". RNA was collected after irradiating optical light (laser, infra-red light) to the disease model using the human knee joint R/A synovia cells. It analyzed using Affimetrix GeneChip and an Ingennuity Signal Pathway Database (IPA) tool was applied further. The anti-inflammation action by optical irradiation was proved by discovery of pit inflammation gene clusters on DNA level.

An Ace Card to reduce sharp increase of medical expenses was lost !

20 years ago, there were strong opinions that the laser medical treatment effect was the heat effect and not light effect. Because the light should not work and act on a living body, only eyes catch lights.  It was for the half of the member of the laser medical treatment society. Looking back upon the old time, the progress of medical research was clearly impressed. In those days, when the doctors outside of the laser society said that laser therapy was only psychological effects and that Low Power Laser therapy was fancy and illusion. They had a feeling of living in a quite different age.

However at present, as for a regrettable thing, it would be natural that makers should have increased in number of 100 companies and more since mechanism of optical activation and healing of organism were finally irradiated through DNA base analysis.

 In countries other than Japan, all became such a situation. If in Japan, maker increased in number of 100 companies more, and if price also became cheap making available for all of families in Japan, such as one home type Laser Therapy machine for each family,  the serious problem of increase of medical expenses for senior-people would have been solved very easily. Because, most of diseases of senior persons which will increase with aging are aches and swellings, such as of the joint, the back, the shoulder, the waist, the leg and muscles etc., The present crowded situation of orthopedics, bonesetters, and acupuncturists by seniors should have been quite different. Although Japanese government has been making great efforts to find the solution of preventing the increase of medical expenses, the Low Power Laser Therapy  could have been a very efficient solution, because acute and chronic aches are easily removed by the irradiation of even small power of laser for a short time. The great portion of hospital visiting by seniors would have been reduced, moreover, since Low Power Laser has an effect to raise immunity power, it also could become the sick prevention which generated by the fall of immunity power with aging. It could help such as the medical treatment of cold, and even cancers. Furthermore, although we made presentation in 1993 and 1994, about the efficacy of Laser for SD using animal experiments and practical clinical medical treatments at several medical conferences, nobody paid attention to this therapy which could be done easily at home. Why and what happened in the medical world of Japan? 20 years ago, the Laser Medical Treatment was booming, however why it declined only in Japan? That is a big question.

It is very clear where lies responsibility!

The greatest reason was exhausted to the deregulation stop determination of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan in 1998. Those days, the Japanese Medical Laser Association and Japan Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine jointly submitted a petition to the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan. In those days the deregulation policy of the Nakasone Cabinet was executed in many fields. The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan decided to pick up the deregulation of Low Power Laser Therapy as the top of items.  As the Low Power Laser Therapy machine was taken up in a top item, it was expected the abolition of the double blinded test which was the condition of approval for production and sales, the ministry submitted to the Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council, and it was expected by all of concerned parties the future of the optical medical treatment of our country would be opened. However this expectation was

Was not realized In the Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council held in July of 1998. The reason of denial was that the mechanism of Low Power Laser Therapy was not yet elucidated which was insisted by one professor of a certain university hospital. By the rejection of one member in the council, the ease of regulation was not approved. As the severe regulation returned to origin, not to mention relief, after this, most of maker companies decided to get out of Low Power Laser business and terminated production one by one. To it, to the ironical thing, in those days, the mechanism of Low Power Laser was elucidated such as to be actually absorbed by the living body cell, nervous excitement was controlled, and the ache was removed, or it worked to the smooth muscle of a blood vessel and the blood vessel was extended making blood circulation had been improved, and such announcements were already made at the annual meeting of Japan Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine, Japan Laser Therapy Association, Japan Society for Pain Clinicians and Japan Society etc., and had become a common sense mostly among the Low Power Laser concerned doctors. Since the idleness of one professor who happened to a member of important committee, one precious corner of medical business of Japan was collapsed at least declined against the world trend. The Japanese government lost an important tool to cut sharply increasing medical-expenses in the sector of senior persons. If the decision making in the committee was not unanimous approval considering the situation that the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan agreed to ease restriction based on the request by Japan Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine, the present situation of Laser Society and financial situation of Japanese government should have been in the quite opposite situation compared with present imminent critical situation. There was shown one typical example of problems of bureaucrat system of Japan. . It is very clear that this kind of system had became the bigt cause of the crisis of Japanese society.  It was thanks to the contribution by late Dr.Tetsuzo Inoue who was the chairman of Japan Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine that even conservative Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan accepted petition for easing of restriction about Low Power Laser Therapy machines. His great efforts to promote application of Low Power Laser Therapy in Japan was disturbed and almost collapsed by one NO vote by one Professor.

I feel deeply regrettable for not only for the party and firms concerned with this therapy business but many of people of Japan who may have lost chances to enjoy lives keeping good health with the help of optical bio stimulation..