Regulations of Japan LPL Therapy Promotion Association
Part 1 Provisions

Article 1, Name
This association is called "Japan LPL(Low Power Laser) Therapy Promotion Association".
Article 2, Objectives
This association intends to realize a welfare society by promoting the study of the LPL therapy and LPL therapy equipments.
Article3, Activities
In order to attain above objectives, this association will conduct following activities.
(1) Research, collection of information and documents which will help to enhance the usefulness of the LPL therapy.
(2) Carry out exhibitions, seminars, lecture meetings and PR related activities concerning the LPL therapy.
(3) Carry out joint meetings and exchange of information with related industries and medical societies for the promotion of objectives.
(4) Provide up to date information about the LPL therapy through the Internet.
Article4, Secretariat
The secretariat of this association is established in the facility of
"Green Medical Systems Co.,Ltd."
Adress: 3-25-4 Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0051 Japan

Part2 Membership

Article5, Membership
The membership of this association is as follows.
(1) Ordinary member
Ordinary members shall be medical doctors, acupuncturists, bonesetters, physiotherapists and researchers.
(2) Supporting members
Supporting members shall be firms or groups who agree with the concept of this association.
(3) Advisors
People of experience or academic standing, who have deep understanding and knowledge in the LPL therapy and have academic records to have made presentations at medical conferences in basic research or clinical medicine will be requested to be advisers upon the decision of the officer's meeting.
Article6, Application for membership
An applicant shall submit the application sheet to the secretariat and will be approved for the membership after being examined in an officer's meeting(An application sheet is included in this home page).
Article7, Resignation
A member who wants to quit membership will be approved to leave this association after submitting a resignation format to the secretariat and approved by the officer's meeting.
Article8, Dismissal from membership
A member who conforms to one of following conditions shall be dismissed from membership by the decision making of the officer's meeting.
(1) Delay of membership fee more than 6 months.
(2) Harm of self-reputation such as criminal deeds.
(3) Harm of this association's reputation or give damage to this association.
(4) Other acts which violate rules of this association.

Part3 Officers

Article9, Officers
Officers of this association are as follows.
President:one person
Vice president:one person
Executive trustee:one person
Trustees:several persons
Auditor: one person
Article10, Election of officers
Above officers shall be elected in the general meeting and president, vice president, executive trustee and auditor, each one person shall be elected from among officers.
Article11, Tenure of officers
The tenure of officers is two years and is able to be re-appointed through an election. Officers can be dismissed even before the termination of tenure by the decision at the general meeting.
Article12, Advisors
This association will ask several people of experience or academic standing or distinguished scholars to be advisors of the association upon the decision of officer's meeting. The president of the association will commission those advisors.

Part4 General meeting and officer's meeting

Article13, Convene of a general meeting
The president of the association shall convene a general meeting within 3 months after the end of each fiscal year.
Article14, Quorum of a general meeting
A quorum of a general meeting shall consist of the majority of members (inclusive of letters of attorney).
Article15, Chairman of a general meeting
The chairman of a general meeting shall be nominated upon the decision of officer's meeting.
Article16, Decision making of a general meeting
Proceedings of a general meeting shall be decided by the majority of attendants. In case of a tie, the chairman shall decide the issue.
Article17, Resolutions of a general meeting
Resolutions of a general meeting are as follows.
(1) Business plan
(2) Financial plan
(3) Change of the regulation
(4) Anything which were decided in the officer's meeting
Article18, Convene of an officer's meeting
An officer's meeting will be convened by the chairman when he acknowledged its necessity or more than 2 officers requested its assembly to him.
Article19, Quorum of an officer's meeting and decision making
A quorum of an officer's meeting shall consist of the majority of members (inclusive of letters of attorney). Proceedings of a general meeting shall be decided by majority of attended members. In case of a tie, the chairman shall decide the issue.
Article20, Chairman of officer's meeting
The chairman of officer's meeting shall be the president of the association. In case of the absence of the president, the vice-president will take care. The president can assign a special agenda to an executive trustee before the start of an officer's meeting.
Article21, Resolutions of an officer's meeting
Resolutions of an officer's meetings are as follows.
(1) The agenda for a general meeting.
(2) Any items which are considered to be necessary for the execution of functions of the officer's meeting.

Part5, Regular meeting, special committee

Article22, Regular meetings
This association will hold regular meetings for the purpose of technical training of members, promotion of mutual friendship among members and exchange of information among members.
Article23, Special committees
This association will establish special committees upon the decision of the officer's meeting. The chairman of such committees will be selected at the officer's meeting and nominated by the president.

Part6, Membership fee

Article24, Membership fee
The membership fee of this association consists of annual membership fees and special membership fees, which will be collected at the general meeting and seminars. Annual membership fees are as follows.
(1) Advisor; free of charge
(2) Ordinary member; \10,000/year
(3) Supporting member; \50,000/year
Article25, Lecturer's fee
This association will pay the lecturer's fee or travel expenses, which were approved by the officer's meeting to lecturers who are invited to regular meetings or seminars.
Article26, Donation
This association is able to donate money and other articles to associated academic societies or associated business groups only after getting the approval of the officer's meeting in advance and shall report it at the general meeting.

Part7, Accounting

Article27, Expenses
Expenses of this association, which are needed for the execution of its functions shall be covered by annual membership fees, special membership fees, extra incomes at the time of events and donations.
Article28, Fiscal year
The fiscal year of this association is from April 1 to March 31.
Article29,Statement of accounts.
The closing of accounts of this association shall be reported at the general meeting after being approved by the auditor of the association.

Part8, Dissolution

Article30, Dissolution
This association is able to dissolve itself by the two third majority votes at the general meeting. Remaining assets of this association shall be taken over by a new organization.
Article31, Alteration of this regulation
Provisions of this regulation is able to be altered by the two third majority votes at the general meeting only after the decision of the officer's meeting.


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