I feel very sorry to report you that in April, 2010, late president of our association, Dr.Eiichi Haruki, MD,PhD. passed away.
Needless to say, he was a very talented medical doctor not only in the field of Western medicine but also in Eastern medicine contributing to
the spread of medical knowledge and usage of Low Level Laser Therapy in Japan.
He especially made efforts for the elucidation of basic mechanism of bio stimulation effects by low level laser light and also development of new usage of this therapy in many applications. I heartily thank him to have guided us properly and achieved the present status of our association.

I was nominated recently to succeed Dr.Harukifs position as the president of our association.  I feel it a very honorable to succeed his position and ask you to support me as same as before.

As you are already well informed, thermal effects, destruction of environment and increase of contamination of this planet are increasing seriousness. Moreover, recent decline of economies on groval level and abnormal weathers over the world had given lots of stress to human beings causing lots of illness to people on earth. Increase of senior population and decline of new birth in the advanced countries caused to increase circulatory organs diseases and malignant  tumors pushing up medication costs of countries which might make bankrupt finance of many countries.

In this time of the world, the role of Low Level Laser Therapy which is cost saving, bio-stimulating, anti-aging and develop proper immunity shall be given important role to save this world.

In the International Laser Medical Conference, it is noticed that the presentation of papers from under developing countries increased drastically giving evidence of increase of usage of Low Level Laser Therapy. In this sense, I am convinced the time Low Level Laser Therapy is given the important role to save the health of human beings on this planet.

As I intend to use all my power for the promotion of our association and Low Level Laser Therapy, let me ask you your not changing kindness and friendship to support my role as the chief of our association. Thank you very much.

 February, 2011

 Kazuyoshi Zenba
President of Japan Low Power Laser Promotion Association